Kodulahe Quarter is a development surrounded by the sea and forest at Merimetsa district near Stroomi Beach. The environment here inspires an active lifestyle: playing with children on the beach, enjoying a jog in the forest, relaxing for a picnic in the park or go cycling on the bike road.


Kodulahe Quarter is developed by Arco Vara. We create new living environments and new possibilities to live or work in and we want to stand out among other developers. Our new developments must be better, more beautiful and sustainable. The new developments must be places where we would like to live or work ourselves. That is how our team decided to establish Kodulahe Quarter.


Kodulahe Quarter includes five buildings. The first one at Lahepea 7 was completed in autumn 2017 providing a home for 125 families. The second stage of the development at Lahepea 9 is a four-storey building with 68 apartments ranging from one to five rooms.


We value the proximity of nature and sustainable solutions. We will build the second stage of Kodulahe Quarter closer to the sea, while retaining the peacefulness surrounded by nature. The northern side of the building overlooks the sea. The building will provide a home for people who value urban living as well as the closeness of nature.


The spacious flats are furbished with natural and high-quality materials thus bringing the surrounding nature also indoors. In order to allow residents to enjoy nature right outside their window, all flats have a balcony or terrace.


Arco Vara’s mission is to offer people real estate experiences that exceed their expectations and help them to acquire their own home. Home is not merely a property but a place where people can find self-fulfilment, love their family members and create new experiences. We hope that Kodulahe will not be a mere development but a quarter that brings together people sharing the same values into a community and we wish to be the link joining them.