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The building equipped with smart technology solutions fits perfectly to the seaside environment as if it has always been there. Sustainable building materials selected on the basis of the area’s characteristics will endure for decades giving the residents a daily sense of security and comfort.


The building of the second stage will have four storeys, two entrances, three staircases, 68 apartments and one commercial premise. There will be parking and storage spaces floor below the building partly extending above the ground. The ground floor is higher above the ground than usual so that passers-by would not see in the windows. There will be planter boxes on ground floor terraces with the following plants: sand rye grass, creeping pine, yew and Japanese sedge.


The building of the first stage of Kodulahe Quarter had one of the highest building quality among the constructions completed in Tallinn in 2017. We wish to provide the same quality also at Lahepea 9. Stone partition walls, concrete structure, triple pane windows, underfloor water heating and heat recovery ventilation are just some of the examples of our top-quality features.


The energy use of Lahepea 9 is provided with remote meter reading. This means that submitting your monthly meter reading is history!


Lahepea 9 was designed as environmental-friendly and energy-efficient as possible, which is also confirmed by the energy label B. The given result may be reached only by selecting high-quality solutions such as solar thermal collectors, heat recovery ventilation system and underfloor water heating.


Lahepea 9 was designed as environmental-friendly and energy-efficient as possible, which is also confirmed by the energy label B. In case of the given energy class, the consumption of energy is between 101-120 kWh/ m² in a year. In old pre-fabricated panel buildings, the energy efficiency is in the range between E to F meaning from 180 to 280 kWh/ m² in a year.


We consider it highly important that residents know every aspect of their new home. Therefore, we wish to provide you also with detailed technical information. Click here to get an overview of all the relevant technical elements.



Arrival at home is further simplified by the video doorbell buzzer with a fingerprint reader for the front door, thus saving the time spent on looking for the keys. Kodulahe is also concerned about energy efficiency. In order to promote green lifestyle, we have established an electric car charging point and bicycle parking on the basement floor.