The Kodulahe quarter is bordered by Stroomi Beach, Merimetsa, and Paldiski Highway. It is far enough from the buzz of the city centre so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature, yet close enough to be connected to the city centre lifestyle. Kodulahe is the only new development in Tallinn from where you can walk in flip-flops directly to the beach.



The nearest bus stop (Humala) is only a few minutes’ walk from the new Kodulahe quarter development. The transport connections from Kodulahe quarter to the city as well as away from the city are both convenient. Well-maintained pedestrian and cycling paths take you easily to Stroomi Beach, Nõmme, and Tabasalu.


Merimetsa Park is visible from the windows of Kodulahe. There are illuminated and well-maintained health trails in the park. It is extremely convenient to access the park from Kodulahe, to run, ski or spend some quality time with the family.



There are 12 kindergartens and 9 schools within a five-kilometre radius of the new Kodulahe quarter development. The contemporary building of the Tallinn Mustjõe Secondary School, which is just a stone’s throw away from the quarter, will be completed by September 2021. Interesting fact: The Rocca al Mare School can be reached by pedestrian and cycling paths without having to cross any roads.

Landscape design

The buildings in the Kodulahe quarter are planned in such a way that the window views of the sea, forest, or coastal meadow are fully utilised. The landscape of the surrounding buildings offers a joyous sight and the freedom of movement for different generations.


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In the Kodulahe quarter, you can live your real dream life with the sea waves lashing gently and the breeze soughing serenely through the trees. You can choose at any time whether to take a walk on the beach or in the woods. Whether to soak your feet into the sea or forget yourself admiring squirrels scurrying around in the treetops. Wonderful. You live in the lap of nature, but at the same time the city centre is near enough in order to enjoy its hustle and bustle if you wish

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