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The Kodulahe Quarter is bordered by Stroomi Beach, the Merimetsa forest and Paldiski Highway. It’s far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city centre for you to bask in its natural charms but close enough to never be more than a few minutes away from the cosmopolitan lifestyle it offers. Kodulahe is the only place in Tallinn where you can slip on your flip-flops and walk straight to the beach from your front door.

Over 300 families have found themselves cosy homes in Kohulahe quarter's five buildings.



The nearest bus stop (Humala) is only a few minutes’ walk from the new Kodulahe quarter development. The transport connections from Kodulahe quarter to the city as well as away from the city are both convenient. Well-maintained pedestrian and cycling paths take you easily to Stroomi Beach, Nõmme, and Tabasalu.


Merimetsa Park is visible from the windows of Kodulahe. There are illuminated and well-maintained health trails in the park. It is extremely convenient to access the park from Kodulahe, to run, ski or spend some quality time with the family.



There are 12 kindergartens and nine schools within a five-kilometre radius of the Kodulahe Quarter, one of which – Mustjõe Gymnasium, whose cutting-edge new building was completed in 2021 – is just a stone’s throw away. Did you know...? You can get to Rocca al Mare School along the dedicated walking track and bikeway without every having to cross a road.

Landscape design

Our Kodulahe buildings are all about being energy- and cost-efficient, which is why we’ve installed close to 150 solar panels on their roofs. We’ve also made sure that there’s open space and greenery for everyone to enjoy throughout the quarter. To this end, we’ve included 700 m2 of terraces, while the courtyard boasts more than 2000 m2 of landscaping.


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